Tuesday, 14 August 2012


We left the hotel late and i missed breakfast. I sweet talked the lady cleaning up to let me take a bowl of cereal. Since it started raining so hard we forgot to get gas last night so we gassed up and left for home. The boarder crossing was way more uneventful than i thought it would be. As soon as i crossed over the boarder i knew i was in for a fun ride home. My chain was skipping pretty bad every time i tried to accelerate. We made it pretty close to home before mike stopped because he was afraid of running out of gas. Getting back on the highway with a slipping chain was super fun. The last 10km of the trip was stop and go traffic which was terrible but managed to get home. My last tank of gas took me all the way from Flint Michigan all the way to Milton, Ontario. Pretty good if you ask me.

The total KM for the trip was about 11,500. 19 days. 18 states. Lowest elevation was at sea level. Highest elevation was 14,110' @ Pikes peak Summit. The farthest point from home was Big Sur, Ca at 4390km.